Jack is 9 Months Old


(Actually, he’s almost 10 months old as I write this. Yikes!)
Enjoying the Boys in Fall 36
Look at this sweet little man! He is efficiently crawling and pulling up everywhere. This means that he gets into everything, but is exceptionally cute at doing so. In the past few days he has fallen in love with this Cozy Coupe car. He will sit in it for up to an hour, trying to get you to push him. It’s wonderful, so I usually oblige for long periods of time. It makes him so happy! And he tries to steer and beep the horn and makes the engine noise and everything. What fun.
He dumped the dog food all over himself the other day. Lucky for him, Ella didn’t mind. She just carefully ate her food off of him until she was done eating. He sat there with a huge grin on his face, not moving. Needless to say, I protect the dog when she eats now!
Enjoying the Boys in Fall 24
He’s also at that stage where he is always holding onto my legs. Look at that face!
Enjoying the Boys in Fall 17
He has 4 teeth now. Of course he does, what with all that chewing on shoes left in his path! He got his lower teeth on 8/23 and 9/20. Then his uppers came in on 9/26 and 10/2. Poor little guy was in a teething nightmare for a week or so there. And there are more coming in as we speak.
Boys Outside 12
I have no idea how we ended up with a child with this light light blonde hair, and his eyes are stellar! Melts a mama’s heart, he does.
Boys Outside 8
I would say that Jack has a very different personality from Caleb. He is an EASY baby. He is generally happy and content. Doesn’t fuss much (unless he needs something). He loves to be entertained, which really makes him and Caleb a match made in heaven. Caleb entertains and Jack claps for him. Repeat. That happens all day long around here.
Lazy Days 6
Caleb and I call him “Peanut Butter Jackie” a lot. Not sure why. But we have a song and dance that goes with it. Jack loves when we do it!
For his 9 month doctor’s visit, Jack was 18 pounds, 10.5 ounces (21st percentile) and 28.8 inches (71st percentile), head circumference was 17.7 inches (42nd percentile). The doctor said there should be better clothing choices for the tall skinny kids like Jack, and then Jack crawled out of his pants. I agreed. 🙂
6 - Caleb's O Hat and Jack
Here are words he is saying. He really only talks to me and Josh and occasionally will try to communicate with a grandparent. Other than that he is very stoic.
Grandpa (RAM-PA!, said with gusto)
Grandma (ramma, said sweetly)
Dada (Da-Da!)
Mama (MA MA MA MA MA!!!, said all day long)
Light (aight!)
Book (Buh)
Caleb (Ub-Ub)
Ella (Ella)
All Done (Ah-duh, and the sign language for it)
Art (aht)
iPad (ipah)
Water (wah-wah)
Drink (duh)
Kitty (Tee-tee, and the “mew” sound)
Nurse (not the word, just the sign language for it)
Fan (roun-roun-roun-roun, talking about it going around, and the sign for it)
Duck (not the word, just the sound “WAH!” for it’s quack)
Horse (not the word, just the cutest “Weeeeee, pbft!” for it’s sound)
He also figured out how to climb stairs quickly and awesomely on 10/3. Now we use two gates!
We love our Jacky-Jack so much! He brings so much sunshine into our home! We love you little man!