Eight Years of Blogs, In Review


I have been making many changes to this blog. My silence over the past year is a testimony in part to my hatred of the (now old!) blog design. It is difficult for me to write with something I find to be horribly broken.  The rest of my silence was because of the chaos of my life and my choosing to put my energies in other places.  This has served my family well in the immediate sense, but has robbed us of recording memories and observing God’s hand in our life over time.

I blame Twitter and Facebook.

I have successfully left MovableType for WordPress. So far it is a refreshing change that was long overdue.The new blog design is almost complete. It’s not my best design work as I am opting to just tweak a simple template. I have better things to do. Thank you to my sweet Joshua for all of your help. ♥

Updating the blog has involved me going back to the beginning (July 2003) to add tags and categories to all of my posts. Reviewing my life in this way has been a very enlightening experience. It feels like I am forty years older (and hopefully wiser) than the girl who wrote all of those posts over the past eight years. My tone and style of writing is very immature (I would have called it hip), as are my opinions (I would have called them wise). I am tempted to go back and add “naive,” “short-sighted,” and “self-centered” as tags to all of those old posts. However, I am glad that I was honest in what I said, but I did have a very strong desire to delete half of the posts lest someone see how foolish and sinful I was.

And am.

It then occurred to me that this blog stands as a testimony to God’s amazing grace. I am a sinner. You can see it in the posts of this blog. I’m sure you could see it even more clearly if you looked into my soul. And God loves me anyway. Relentlessly, abundantly. But, because of that Great Love, He continues to refine me as I run the race of the course set before me.  And so, I will strive to continue writing in this space so that, Lord willing, I can look back in another forty years chuckling at how unwise I was at age thirty-three.