Having a GREAT day today. Little bumps here and there. But mostly, days like this, make me feel like YES! This is what I am supposed to be doing! And look at my children blossoming! Before my eyes!

And I feel wonderful and blessed and thankful.

Also, the boys are being pretty good. That helps.

ENCOURAGING: I read part of a blog this morning where she talked about ART RULES. As in, “rules” she was taught about making art in college. And she talked about how they hindered her ability to make art. Things like colored pencils are for amateurs, paint big or not at all, don’t fill in your lines, don’t pre-plan, pre-plan (contradictory!), etc. And how they make the artist a bit neurotic. So, when she feels hindered she sees if she can trace it back to an art rule, then looks it in the face and rejects it straight out.

So, this was VERY freeing for me. And I found myself saying, “Where there is a mess, something is being MADE.” And decided that I will allow healthy messes to occur DOWNSTAIRS (so there is at least a place with peace upstairs!) and we will just live with it, tidy here and there, pick up each evening, etc. And I have found this freeing of my ability to love my children. And I have found it to be freeing for Caleb to exist. So far he has created many many things today. All because the supplies are available.

I was a fan of the “make supplies available” until I had children that could possibly be killed by them or could destroy my new house with them. Then I fell into the panicked “OH MY GOSH PUT IT ALL AWAY!!!” part of motherhood. I’m slowly learning to uncurl again.