Bat Boy Learns the Cello!


Josh took me to see the musical Bat Boy yesterday at Lucie Stern Theater in Palo Alto. I laughed my head off. Part of it was sheer delight for actually seeing some theater again (the last show I saw was in February). The characters were spectacularly played, especially the lead of Bat Boy, the mother, and Shelly. I was very impressed with their talent and commitment to their characters.
As for the musical itself…it’s about this bat boy that is found in the woods, taken in by a family, and taught how to be a member of society. (He actually develops a very impressive British accent – thanks to the BBC language tapes). The town people, however, are not so accepting of the bat boy and want him dead. And so the plot unfolds. (And so Stephanie thanks Josh for bringing her out for a super fun night.)
I did have issues with two particular short scenes…mainly because they involved sexual content which was a bit much for me. I’d kind of look away, then glance up to see if it was over, then realize that it had only gotten worse. It’s not graphic by any means. (In fact, it uses puppets). But it was basically a puppet-humping scene. Yeah…disturbing.
Besides that scene…there was so much humor and some seriousness throughout. In terms of it’s ability to engage me and make me smile, I’d say it’s probably one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. Makes me want to audition for another show. We’ll see…
On another note…I have my second cello lesson today and I must say that my skills have improved greatly over the last week. I can now bow the strings without screeching (most of the time) and can (more or less) play a successful double scale. I have also been able to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (just for fun). I had a string break once and almost whip Josh in the face (which would have been bad) and I’ve learned a lot about it. I’m having fun. My hands are permanently cramped from practicing. But I’m having fun with it.
Josh and I have decided to go back on Atkins. This is my third day on it and I honestly feel great. We’ve been able to find some Atkins foods that are really good (Josh found a cornbread he adores). And, I love eating meats…so it works out well. The only thing that stinks about this is that you feel like a moron at restaurants. You have to tell the waiter, “Hi…we don’t eat any sugar or processed grains found in things like bread, rice, and pasta. Please make sure we don’t get any of those things in our meal today.” Then you set idly by, at their mercy, not knowing if they hate you and are going to toss a bunch of sugar in your salad. Alex (the girl I nanny for) and I have been swimming a lot, which is a really great workout because I essentially drag her around the pool for an hour. We have tons of fun.
Well…that’s an update. Bye!