I am an artist & teacher with a ❤ for visual expression, educational methodology, homesteading, & Jesus. My geek-love is The Joshua and we have three peanut-butters: Caleb, Jack, & Louritta.


I Love a Good Break!


Yes! This weekend has ruled! On Tuesday, we had lots of fun events at school including the student vs. staff volleyball game and the turkey trot (kids race the 880). Those are loads of fun and it’s fun to send the students off for a good long break. Not to mention sending MYSELF off to Read More

Friday, I Mean Thursday


I hate it when it’s a Thursday and it feels like a Friday and yet it’s still only THURSDAY! Grrr… My throat has hurt since last Friday and now it hurts to swallow. One side of my tonsils is swollen and it hurts. I called the doctor and they told me to drink lots of Read More



I’ve been sick since Friday afternoon and, darnit, I’m sick of being sick! It’s one of those stupid head-cold things that makes your throat hurt and your sinuses clog and your general awareness of what is happening around you very foggy. My friend Brian gave me a ride home after work on Monday, and I Read More

Back from the Hiatus


Well, the last few weeks have been crazy-busy. Today is the first day in three weeks that I haven’t had at least one event that I have to go to. So, I slept in, watched a Gilmore Girls episode, gave the dog a bath, picked up some stuff. I’m hoping to catch a movie or Read More

Spring Break


Man. My blog has stunk up the house lately. I feel like Neal, where I have all of these great ideas about what I want to blog about, but I don’t actually sit down and write them out. I’ve been on spring break this week. And now, today was my last day of break. I Read More

Feelin’ Low


I don’t know what it is…maybe it’s just living day to day and the monotony of it all…but I just get down sometimes. Today I’ve just been emotionally on edge. There’s no reason I can think of for it. I have a happy life, happy home, good job, great husband, wonderful family, super pets, and Read More

Bat Boy Learns the Cello!


Josh took me to see the musical Bat Boy yesterday at Lucie Stern Theater in Palo Alto. I laughed my head off. Part of it was sheer delight for actually seeing some theater again (the last show I saw was in February). The characters were spectacularly played, especially the lead of Bat Boy, the mother, Read More