Grievances of a Sad Sad Pathetically Sad Woman


A bad title…that could really kill a blog.
A couple of days ago Josh called me at work to let me know that my blog was boring. He said that if I wanted to have an audience reading my blog that I needed to choose topics that were more “happy and funny” rather than depressing “my life is so sad” topics.
Then it dawned on me…I’ve always used journaling to basically ponder the more serious parts of life, a catharsis if you will. I also use it to record events that are going on. That worked for journaling just fine. The question is, should my blog be a journal? Do I have to keep an audience in mind? Or, can I just blab on and on and who cares if anyone is ever entertained by my blog (or ever reads it for that matter). Does it have to present great matters of discussion for people to ponder and discuss in the comments section? (I suppose I could just talk to Neal myself and get it over with).
Kevin will occasionally share feelings or going ons of his day, but is usually pondering some issue that regards how the church relates to society. Josh talks about a bunch of random stuff ranging from techie junk to ugly fish to ADD. And I talk about depressing things. Here, I’ll talk about depressing things now:
Top Ten Reasons Why My Week Sucked:
10. I realized that my blog was boring and depressing.
9. I fell asleep on the couch one day and woke up with my contact lenses stuck to my eyes in a horrible painful way.
8. Our dishwasher broke. Yeah. Tell me about it.
7. Henson keeps dropping his ball in the laundry basket, then freaking out because “Oh my gosh! I can’t reach my ball! The world is ending!!!!!”
6. My teacher cancelled my cello lesson because his work schedule changed.
5. My principal notified me that he got a $3,500.00 grant for our art program at school. Oh wait, that’s a good thing!
4. I don’t get paid until the end of September and am squeaking by until then.
3. I went to the doctor today and got diagnosed with a urinary tract infection (not fun, I don’t recommend getting one) which…
2. caused me to cancel the camping trip for this weekend that I’ve been planning for several weeks. It’s not in my best interest to be deep in our nation’s beautiful parks when I don’t have a lot of bladder control. (Josh will be happier where there is DSL anyway).
1. I lost my wedding ring somewhere between my car and the school parking lot. I ripped the car apart, searched the parking lot, notified the entire school, and sent out a gang of teenage detectives to help find it. No luck thus far.
There, wasn’t that exciting? Boring? Should my blog be more wacky? More philosophical? Should I shoot for a higher-thinking crowd or just go with the lowest common denominator? These are the questions I ponder late late at night when I awake for the seventh time to go to the bathroom.