I Have This Head Thing


It’s one of those ones where you can’t breathe and your nose is runny and your throat hurts so bad that swallowing is painful so you can only eat liquidy things like soup. And your brain is acting kind of foggy so when people talk to you you kind of look at them like, “What?” the whole time they are talking. And your body feels okay except tired and it wants a lot of sleep. But, mostly, you’re just worried about the pain in your throat and the headache from your runny sinus passages. So, benadryl and sore throat spray become your new best friends followed by kleenex and gargling with warm salt water. And sometimes you have to put lotion on the end of your nose because it hurts from being blown so much. And other people get sick of living in the same house with you because you can basically do nothing but make piles of dirty kleenexes on every table you walk near. I call it a head thing. And boy do I have it. It started out on Thursday as just a throat thing. Then Friday night it became a throat and fever thing. Then, by Friday morning it had turned into a full-blown head thing. Lurking and making my body its play thing. I have told it to leave. I think it’s going to leave soon, but I think it lost its shoes and is looking for them in my sinus passages and still wants to say goodbye to a few friends. Then it will leave. Hopefully by tomorrow or Monday morning at the latest. It has definitely worn out its welcome.