I Have to Admit I’m Getting Better


A little better.
I still have a few things left to grade and I’ll be golden in that area after it’s done. I feel more calm. I got to talk to my parents the other day and it’s pretty amazing how much you can miss people. I have been pretty good this whole last year at adapting to California and all of the sudden, now, I get hit with homesickness. Not sure why. I think I’m on the uphill slope though.
On a different note, I’ve started reading “The Message.” It’s really neat. It’s a contemporary translation of the Bible. Neat to see things from a different perspective and a smoother translation. I’m not planning on doing an exegesis from it or anything…but it’s just cool to read. So, that’s going well.
My birthday is on Saturday. Josh and I are going to Great America (amusement park) with the Jr. High group at church. That should be pretty awesome. A bunch of Christian bands are going to be there.
I’ve also started listening to Linkin Park. It’s a band one of my students introduced me to last year. I got their new album “Meteor” and I love it. It’s a little rough sounding at first, but it really grows on you. I like their sound.
I also got the new Dave Matthews album “Some Devil,” which is always super. It’s weird to have Dave with out the “band” part tagged on the end. Not sure why they’re not together for this album. Oh, and on their website, you can buy Dave Matthews Band flip-flops. Schweet.