Like Christmas – Only You Get Dirt & Water


My school got a small art grant recently which I spent on miscellaneous visual aides for my classroom (slides & whatnot, a couple of videos). I also ordered some supplies for my students with my regular budget. Basically, I’ve been getting boxes of stuff almost daily. It’s really fun.
One of the teacher support providers from the district was touring my room. As she was talking to me, a guy delivered a bunch of boxes of clay on a 2-wheeler. When he walked in my room, I stopped the conversation w/ the support person and exclaimed, “YAY!!!!!! CLAY!!!” I ran over to the guy and helped him bring the clay in. The support provider said that I was more excited to get boxes from this guy than her kids during Christmas. I said, “Well, getting clay is kind of like Christmas, only when you open up your presents, all you get is dirt and water!”
I’m so clever.
Anyhoo…today a box of slides came which made me all excited too. I got to see some cool sculptures by Giacometti and Moore, as well as some multi-cultural and contemporary ceramics pieces. I’m still expecting more boxes of stuff…makes me excited to go back to work next week.
I have the coolest job ever. Seriously. It’s one of the few jobs where I’m pumped to go from day to day. Students look forward to the summer and I hate it. I always need to get some other job which is tolerable…but it’s just not teaching Art.