He Doesn’t Know Why


Today Josh presented the PBCC Jr. High site to the Jr. Highers. He really worked hard on the site and I do say he did a really kick-butt job on it. Anyhoo, he came in this morning with my laptop and was hooking it up to a projector and whatnot so it could be projected for the grand opening presentation.
Josh comes up to me and says, “All these kids that are geeks, but don’t know they’re geeks yet are coming out of the woodwork. That kid over there, he doesn’t know why he’s here.” I looked up and saw a disheveled boy (whom I’d never seen before today…although others told me that he’s been coming for awhile). He looked a little lost, standing as near to the technology as he could as though it beckoned to him, offering life and happiness. Even when Josh was leading worship and I was finishing the set-up, I looked around and saw all of the kids attentive to the worship. Except this tecno-geek-boy, who stared at me and my computer, mesmerized by my selection of an abstract screen saver.
This boy later came up to me and said, “I really like your desktop.” I looked at my solid azul desktop. It felt awkward. Kind of like he was coming on to me. I wanted to say, “That’s sick! I’m married and you’re in Jr. High!” But it wasn’t a come on meant for me. It was meant for my computer. The computer he fell in love with this morning.