Holy Crapola of Crap


Well…I’ve just been mocked because of my lack of blogging recently. Seriously, I’ve been freaking tired. First, I’ve been working on a website for a local organization, cutting speech pieces, grading a slew of student work from 2nd quarter, prepping for 3rd quarter (which started Tuesday with all new students…whew!). To top it all of, I got a nasty cold on Monday. My throat kills and my head has one of those crazy congesty-runny things going on. Good time to get sick. I had to cancel my Jr. High girlz Bible study Tuesday night because I couldn’t function properly, so I came home and went to bed. I still have a ton of curriculum to finish and I’m supposed to teach our staff how to use the new computer system at a workshop tomorrow. On top of that, the screen on my computer is totally broken so it either takes me three times as long to do my work (because I can’t seen the screen and have to keep moving windows around). Or, I have to plug for time on Josh’s computer, which in and of itself should explain my lack of blogging. Some other interesting news has been happening as well, which I’ll blog about later.
I’ve been really interested in how people mess with the Bible to get it to “say” what they want to believe. Not a lot of Christians are looking for truth anymore…but are very often explaining away things that are socially taboo so they don’t have to look like an evil Christian. I had a friend try and tell me that homosexuality is okay because “in the Bible, the homosexuals God destroyed were actually destroyed because of pedophilia and group orgys…not because they were homosexual” and because “Soddom and Gommorah is just a metaphor” and because “the Old Testament is no longer relevant today.” When I questioned him about passages in the New Testament that seem to clearly say that homosexuality is a sin, his response was, “Well, aren’t we all sinners? Why should we pick on them?” Which eventually narrowed down to, “It’s just offensive that you would think homosexuality is wrong.” Because, I’m always so worried about offending people. Maybe I should just trade my salvation and awesome relationship with God so I can be less offensive.
The funny thing is that a lot of people who try to argue away the Bible with me argue with philosophies or studies they read in the media…but never with the Bible itself. The conversation usually ends when I ask them to show me in the Bible where it says that something is okay. I usually don’t hear back from them after that. That kind of sucks because I’d be interested to hear what they actually find.
Anyway, stuff like this really disturbs me. Aren’t we all in search of the truth? Are we so proud that we can’t admit when God is right? Are we so smart that we can deem a study by the New York Times to be more relevant than the word of God?