Isn’t It Romantic?


Tonight I called Josh before I came home from work and asked him if we could go out for dinner. “And not somewhere normal, somewhere nice.” He said okay, even though he had band practice later in the evening.
So, we went to the Olive Garden. We didn’t dress up or anything…wait, Josh did change into a button-down shirt. And we went. The wait was like 30 minutes so we went for a fun walk across the street to Walgreens where we tried to figure out the difference between all the different kinds of lip balms and read the ingredients on the different kinds of cough drops. (We settled on good-old Carmex and the new Halls Fruit Breezers). We stopped at Game Stop on the way back where Josh played a demo of Double Dash (why? I don’t know!). Actually, we walked in and there was a small child (age 3 or 4?) “playing” the demo (actually just pushing buttons and staring at the monitor). Josh was disappointed and pretended to look at something nearby until her parents told her to leave. Then he jumped on the console so fast….
We sat outside of the Olive Garden and chatted until our buzzer thing went off. Then we had a nice meal and he even let me get some Bow Tie cheesecake to go.
Sometime during the evening I said, “When’s the last time we went on a date?” And he coudn’t remember either.
It was nice and I felt so much love.