I am an artist & teacher with a ❤ for visual expression, educational methodology, homesteading, & Jesus. My geek-love is The Joshua and we have three peanut-butters: Caleb, Jack, & Louritta.


Most Loving Thing…


I listened to part of the Dr. Laura show on the ol’ AM station today and she was having guests call in and answer the question, “What is the most loving thing you’ve seen someone else do?” So, I got to thinking about what my answer would be. I thought of things that were awesome…but Read More

Things You Can’t Blog About


I haven’t really been blogging lately because most of the things I want to talk about are things that aren’t really appropriate for a internet-published blog. I have all these weird thoughts on stuff like marriage, relationships w/ friends & coworkers, sex, pooping, fears, local events…all sorts of stuff that I can’t really find an Read More

Awesome Meal


Josh and I came home from work today and dinner was ready! Josh’s folks are visiting and they totally made us dinner! It was awesome. I can’t remember the last time someone had dinner ready for me when I came home. Schweet. They’re doing a bunch of other stuff too…especially helping with our move. It Read More

Isn’t It Romantic?


Tonight I called Josh before I came home from work and asked him if we could go out for dinner. “And not somewhere normal, somewhere nice.” He said okay, even though he had band practice later in the evening. So, we went to the Olive Garden. We didn’t dress up or anything…wait, Josh did change Read More