Painting All Night


Josh and I will be moving over the next week. The place we’re living in in San Jose raised our rent. So, we’re moving somewhere that’s a bit more inexpensive and closer to Cupertino (acutally, it’s in Cupertino). I like it better than where we are now because it has a bit more space, a garage, and a neat patio with a lemon tree. I’m excited to move, but not excited to load and unload all of our stuff yet again.
Josh went with the church youth group to Hume Lake. I stayed back to get the house prepped. So, I spent all of tonight with a friend painting the place. I get frustrated because in MN I know that my whole family would show up with smiles to help me paint. Here, I asked just about everyone I know and Brian was the only one to take the call. Makes me feel a little out of place, I guess.
We only got the living room done tonight. The paint wasn’t coating very well since it’s one of those fancy textured paints. Painting seems to take forever. Tomorrow is another day and maybe I’ll get further.
I can’t explain why, but I just really want to get the whole place painted and maybe even cleaned before Josh gets back. I know he hates painting and stuff so it would be kind of a gift. Maybe he can spend his time doing something else then.