Am I Still a Thinker


My blogging absence (from commenting on other blogs & from my own) may make it seem as though I’ve been less of a thinker lately. That’s not the case. I’ve probably been thinking more, interspersed with many activities such as work, coffee with a friend, small group, judging an Art contest, hanging out with people….
I used to be scared to share the gospel with people or to support people in Christ (it’s easy to just support people, but it’s difficult to bring up God’s goodness sometimes). I guess I was afraid of looking stupid. I was scared of not knowing all the answers — what if they asked me something I didn’t know the answer to??? I was afraid of giving the wrong answers — what if I say something that makes them stray from God??? I was afraid of invading someone’s “personal space” and making them upset. I still have those fears, but God has given me a kind of peace about ministry. I feel confident that God’s word is infallible and that as a minister to others, I am kind of like a bridge between others and God’s word. Isn’t that kind of what a minister is? And that there is a certain amount of trust needed to trust that God will bring things about in His time. To know that God is so powerful that He could still work through my mistakes. To know that God is faithful enough that He will work through me.
I was getting frustrated by some of the political conversations about what is the “right way” to vote or the “right way” to handle Christianity vs. the government. I was so frustrated that I needed to do something about it…but what?
When I was in China, I met a man from Singapore named Tan Tien Ser, who was part of the start up of Care Corner and Care Corner International U.S.A. The philosophy and vision of this group is, in a nutshell, to select a corner of the world and care for it. That simple. God has been teaching me fervently about what it means to care for a person (not that I know all the answers…because I don’t), and especially how to care for them spiritually.
I started talking to people and have been realizing that many people are relieved when they have someone to talk to. Especially middle school kids because not many people talk to them. Actually, let me change that, LISTEN to them. And they want to talk about God and they want to ask questions and the want to seek God. It’s so fascinating that they are seeking even in a culture that shouts that there is no God or that God is “whatever you make Him to be,” they still seek Truth.
I want to care for my corner of the world to the best of my ability.
Anyway, it’s been good. I’ve been reading the Bible more. One thing that’s funny about the Bible is that you know that it’s a good book, but when you’re actually reading it you are still blown away by the same stories or by something you overlooked before.