Spring Break


Man. My blog has stunk up the house lately. I feel like Neal, where I have all of these great ideas about what I want to blog about, but I don’t actually sit down and write them out.
I’ve been on spring break this week. And now, today was my last day of break. I miss it already. Dangit. I need like a big wad of cash so I can stay home and do stuff. Problem is, I like to buy stuff. And that requires money, which requires a job. Stupid jobs. Well, I guess that’s how the work – eat – work cycle works.
But, next week I’ll just be excited about my job again because, truth be told, I totally love my job. I get Art + Kids + Art. What more could I ask for!?!
I was hoping to go surfing again, but couldn’t get Josh to take off work to come with me. He said something about “being busy” and “having to work” and “lots to do.” I don’t know, I didn’t catch it all. I was too busy sitting on the couch watching my taped reruns of Gilmore Girls drinking my double-shot iced latte breve w/ extra caramel sauce on top. Mmmmm….
I went in to work for two days of my break. This shocked Josh. I tried to convince him that I went in not because I had to, but because I actually wanted to. This seemed like a foreign concept to him.
I got to unload & reload the kiln, which only ended up getting goofed up. A fire alarm went off at the school (which we later learned was from the pressure sprayers trying to clean the campus). So, the firefighters saw that the kiln was “kind of hot” so they shut it off. Actually, they didn’t shut off the kiln, they shut off the safety timer, which is supposed to shut the kiln off if it gets too hot or is on too long. So, essentially, while attempting to stop a possible fire hazard, the firefighers actually created a firehazard. I call the whole thing dangerous, Josh calls it job security.
Well, all in all it’s been a good week. Can’t wait ’til summer. I keep dreaming of the ocean and me catching a wave. I think this addiction’s gonna be worse than coffee. Mom, I might not be coming home as soon as you think.