Yay! I get to take a class!


So, California thinks that teachers from Minnesota are stupid, so they have to take a lot of extra classes before they can get a teaching credential. Well, I’ve been notified that I need to take a course called “Technology for Educators.” Here is the description of the course:
This is a basic course that gently walks the learner through how to use a computer, how to use the Internet, how to word process, create a spreadsheet, a short multimedia presentation and a web page.  You will learn about ethics copyright, great software for the classroom, etc.  The focus is on technology use in schools, but it is a great class for anyone who just wants to learn how to use a computer.
I would spend 32 hours in class, plus outside assignments.
I just can’t wait to learn how to develop a website.
Is anyone else laughing? Because I think this might be one of the most horribly boring things I ever do!!!