First day of Cooler


Wow! I can’t believe that the school year has started already! Last year seems so far away. So, today’s the first day of school and everything is moving along just slick. My room is uber-cool complete with the tables painted to create a giant room color wheel.
Oh my gosh…yesterday my pants ripped. And I mean like a big butt rip. They ripped when I bent down to get something. I heard a noise, but didn’t recognize it as anything. A bit later I felt a draft. When I looked back I was like, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Luckily, I had been working in my room by myself. Then, a fellow teacher walked in and talked to me for a bit, then left. I made sure not to turn my back! Luckily (again), I remembered that I had my emergency clay pants in my office. So, I got those put on and was all good. Whew!
Once, the zipper on the side of my skirt broke and I fixed it at school with some staples and duct tape because I had nothing else to change into. Oh, and once I had a bunch of my “more revealing” buttons pop off of my shirt…again…staples and duct tape to the rescue! It’s amazing how people will improvise to avoid public embarrassment.
Oh, that was a total tangent. Anyhoo…I just pray God’s blessings on my students this year!