Mmmm…Bread I Actually LIKE


Those of you who know me know that I generally don’t like bread. When offered it, I usually will mumble something about it being “too heavy” or “tastes like air with yeast” or something along those lines. I view bread as being like rice or noodles…they all try to fill me up, keeping me from enjoying the ACTUAL MEAL (meat, veggies, dessert). I will almost always order the thin crust pizza because I’m not in it for the crust, I’m in it for the toppings. The thick crust only fills me up, therefore forcing me to consume less toppings (because I don’t believe in gorging myself).
Well, I found a bread food that I actually like. I invented it yesterday kind of on a whim. A friend ended up staying for dinner so I was thinking that the homemade chili should have some kind of bread with it. So, we went to Whole Foods and purchased some fresh rosemary bread. It’s similar to a sourdough, but with rosemary baked into it. I picked up some Nonna Lena’s Garlic Butter. At home, I spread the garlic butter on slices of the bread, then sprinkled on some sea salt, and baked it at 400° until it got all toasty and glisteny. Right after it was pulled out of the oven, I spread on some Ricotta Cheese (and not the lowfat crapola). Then I sprinkled on some fresh Basil (from my herb garden) and fresh grated parmesan cheese. YUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMM!!!! I was going to put some diced tomato on it, but I didn’t have any, but it was super good anyway!
I loved it so much I made more for brunch today! I’m pretty pumped that I found a bread thing that I actually like. Yay!