I am an artist & teacher with a ❤ for visual expression, educational methodology, homesteading, & Jesus. My geek-love is The Joshua and we have three peanut-butters: Caleb, Jack, & Louritta.


Can’t a Girl Get Some French Dressing?


When Josh and I first moved to the Bay Area, we noticed several changes from our life in Minnesota. Some of the changes were big obvious things. But others were small, confusing things. Like the time we were eating at a restaurant and I ordered a salad with French dressing. The waitress looked at me Read More

Mmmm…Bread I Actually LIKE


Those of you who know me know that I generally don’t like bread. When offered it, I usually will mumble something about it being “too heavy” or “tastes like air with yeast” or something along those lines. I view bread as being like rice or noodles…they all try to fill me up, keeping me from Read More