Feelin Good.


I’ve been a surfin volleyball weight-lifting machine lately. I’ve been so hooked on outdoor sports and my new membership to Apple Fitness that I’ve pretty much collapsed every night for the past week because I’ve just been completely physically exhausted. It’s so nice.
Today was awesome playing volleyball because I’ve been doing exercises & lifting weights & surf paddling & other stuff to strengthen my arms. Today when I was spiking, I actually had some good smack-down on the ball and it felt really good to be able to do that! Usually my spikes are a bit lofty, but today they were pretty hard. Woo hoo! I think that surfing has strengthened my arms more than anything though because of all that paddling. Nothing like a good case of noodle-arm after battling those waves for a couple of hours. Whew!
I love exercise that is sport oriented and I’m really glad that I have fun outlets for that out here. I’ve got surfing buddies and volleyball-addict friends so it is a good social time too. Oh, and I’ve discovered that there is a Dairy Queen in the ghetto part of Santa Cruz (the closest one to us), so now I can surf then get cheap ice cream afterwards. Mmmmmmm… Now, if only I could find a Taco John’s out here in California, then Josh and I could both be completely satisfied.