Back from the Hiatus


Well, the last few weeks have been crazy-busy. Today is the first day in three weeks that I haven’t had at least one event that I have to go to. So, I slept in, watched a Gilmore Girls episode, gave the dog a bath, picked up some stuff. I’m hoping to catch a movie or some run-around time with Josh. Then, I’d like to finish planting the replacement flowers for my front flowerbed (stupid gophers). I’m trying to coax Josh into surfing a couple times this break too.
Josh is going to help me put together a list of things I should have blogged about over the past few weeks and then I’ll get that stuff up too. I’m planning on posting pictures of the Napoleon Dynamite dance that my small group did and also a video clip from the play I directed. Two girls ended up dropping at the last minute for a finals track tournament and I did one of the parts. Quite interesting. I applied for some summer work and have thoughts on that too. Oh, and Secret Pal week was awesome at my school, my secret pal r0x0r3d. Hmmm…oh, and my last living childhood pet passed on. That was a big surprise and totally sucks since he was my buddy. I won another technology award dealy and will write more on that too. Hmmm…and maybe more stuff.
I’m feeling slick though! Wonder if I can fit a good run in this evening. That should be fun.