I Love a Good Break!


Yes! This weekend has ruled! On Tuesday, we had lots of fun events at school including the student vs. staff volleyball game and the turkey trot (kids race the 880). Those are loads of fun and it’s fun to send the students off for a good long break. Not to mention sending MYSELF off to a good long break!
So, on Wednesday Josh & I did some serious sleeping in, we went to Hyde for a bit, picked up the house and did some small repairs here and there, and I worked on a bit of homework. Then Josh took me to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I loved it. I love all Harry Potter movies. I wish that they would never end and that I could see a new one EVERY year from now until I die. That would be so sweet. Instead of having a trilogy or a whatever-ilogy they are making it could be a googlilogy. I would love a Harry Potter googlilogy. Sweet.
Thursday, we slept in again (yay!) then went over to Brian & Melanie’s house for some good Thanksgiving festivities with their family. I got to meet the parents and all that so it was cool. They had GREAT food and, as usual, good friendship. We watched Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King extended edition. It was cool with the extra scenes and what-not. It was the first time Melanie had seen it so it was fun watching her reactions, especially to the spider! Ha! Later that night, we watched 50 First Dates with Brian & Mel. It was sweet. Then, to top the night off, Josh and I watched a Netflix at home we’ve been holding on to for too long: Sleeper. That movie is HILARIOUS. Man, Woody Allen and Diane Keaton are a great pair. That movie is like the three stooges meets early-70’s beatnik community meets clown car meets the future meets… well… Woody Allen. Good stuff.
Today we slept in. Again. YES! Then we went to Home Depot to look for some solutions to our little problem. After doing a bit of work around the house and ripping up one of the flower beds in my garden area, I took a nice nap. I invented a new recipe which is decent for dinner, then have been doing computer/homework/website related tasks ever since!
All that and I have TWO DAYS LEFT!!! I love a good break.