Middle-Aged Coffeehouses


cafecup.jpgJosh and I are chilling in Mill Valley, California right now. We decided we needed a weekend away from the Silicon Valley shuffle to chill out with each other and get work done.
We’re at the Acqua Hotel, which has been a pretty nice stay so far. We have some great views of Mt. Tamalpais and Richardson Bay from our balcony. I still have no idea how to pronounce the name of that mountain, which stinks being that it’s written on so many signs and things around me. (Steph to Josh in car: “Okay, go two more miles then turn right at Mount Tamalyiapiaaasicaskcs Road.”) Oh well.
Josh has been working on various geek-related job tasks that involve a bunch of web languages I don’t know. But, when I look over his shoulder, the BBEdit is filled with lots of pretty colors. I’ve been doing homework & chilling out. Both of which are much needed.
We went to Sausalito to get some dinner tonight and decided to grab some coffee on the way home. I saw a coffee house on the side of the road that looked to be pretty happenin’, so I went in. Now, before I go into this, I have to say that Josh and I just finished watching SNL – The Best of Mike Myers, and it includes his sketch as Middle Aged Man.

In becoming middle-aged, I saw that there are more important things in life: that you can’t change the world; that the comfort and safety of your family comes first; that life itself is a miracle; and that you must always prime the garage before you paint it. It saves paint and won’t blister when the sun hits it. -From SNL

Well, this coffee shop was FILLED with total middle aged people. I mean, to the point that I was being looked at and felt a little creeped out (and I’m 27 years old!). There was a band playing called “Free Spirits,” they weren’t bad, but they were also middle aged. They had beads in their hair and rastafarian pants and I could tell that they missed the 70’s oh so much.
P.S. Try doing a google image search for middle aged man. I thought I’d get some classic shots of Mike Myers as Middle Aged Man, but I actually just got a bunch of pictures of men who are middle aged. Anyway, I thought it was funny.