My Body Has Betray Me


So, if you’ve played Battlefield Vietnam, then you totally know what I’m talking about. While you’re running around in destroyed buildings and swampy areas, there are these annoying speakers that chant over and over and over in a vietnamese accent, “American soldier, you government has betray you…” It was supposedly a tactic to play mind games with the American soldiers, make them go crazy and go against their government. Well, I’ve been hearing that same voice in my head since Thursday night, except it’s saying a slightly different tune, “Stephanie, your body has betray you…”
And that’s because it has. So far today I’ve been able to keep down less than a cup of white rice. Everything else, including water, has been against me. Yesterday was better, I was able to eat some spaghetti noodles and a piece of toast. Saturday I was able to eat two tacos. And Friday… well, Friday nothing would agree with me.
I’m pretty sure it’s food poisoning from a BBQ I went to Thursday night. Whatever it is, it is causing my body to revolt and I hate it for that. My current problem is that ALL food seems disgusting to me now. It’s like, I have to prep myself like, “Okay, Steph, you really should eat something today.” But then my body shudders because everything has been a risk this weekend. Today the rice has been good so far, but tomorrow? Who knows!
Hopefully this will pass soon. I’m too tired to keep going this way.