Josh and I had a nice Thanksgiving. I cooked a turkey and all that so we could enjoy a great meal and eat leftovers for a long time. It got me thinking about leftovers and how some foods are a flop if you don’t eat them right away (salad, sandwich) while other foods taste better with some time in the fridge (most soups). My favorite part about the Thanksgiving meal is the leftovers. I love to shred up the meat and fry it in butter with some salt. Yeah… that’s so good.
We also got a Nintendo Wii. It’s actually super fun and I love how it gets you off the couch to play. My favorites so far are bowling and golf, although there are some other games I haven’t played yet. I’m excited to try WarioWare: Smooth Moves when it comes out since I loved playing it on the DS. The best part of these games I enjoy is that I can take a fifteen minute break from my work and move around a bit and play golf. GOLF! I never thought I’d like golf, but apparently I do when it’s in my living room and involves a clear wind gage & swing guide, and does not involve lugging some giant bag around on a humid day.
Oh, and if all goes well, I’ll have my master’s degree in 181 days. I can’t wait. Summer of surfing and painting and general lazing about… here I come!