I am an artist & teacher with a ❤ for visual expression, educational methodology, homesteading, & Jesus. My geek-love is The Joshua and we have three peanut-butters: Caleb, Jack, & Louritta.


My First Wii Injury


Well, I have officially had my first Wii Injury. After totally owning at Wii Sports golf and bowling, I decided to move on to baseball. Well, I always hit a stupid foul ball or I swing too early. Anyway, so I wanted to be able to say that I also pwn3d at baseball. So I Read More



Josh and I had a nice Thanksgiving. I cooked a turkey and all that so we could enjoy a great meal and eat leftovers for a long time. It got me thinking about leftovers and how some foods are a flop if you don’t eat them right away (salad, sandwich) while other foods taste better Read More