Capitola It Is!


After I finished my work on my master’s degree, Josh said that I needed to come up with something that I wanted to do to celebrate. This was literally what I thought:
GO SURFING! YEAH! I’ve been wanting to surf for so long… oh. Wait. Um. No surfing. Okay, second choice. VOLLEYBALL! Get a bunch of people at a park and play all day long and… oh. Wait. Um. *sigh* No volleyball. Okay, third choice. Something safer than surfing and volleyball that an 8 months pregnant woman can do. Hmmmm. Oh, I know, HORSEBACK RIDING! Yeah! My friend owes me some trail rides so we’ll just kick it in at her vineyard and ride all day! Oh. Wait. Dangit!
So, that was kind of depressing. But then, I finally thought of something I want to do that is not physically difficult and probably relaxing. I want to go to Capitola with Josh and hang out! It’s one of my fave Northeren California beach towns, usually with some pretty good surfing nearby. (Don’t worry, I won’t surf unless I finish my “Pregnant Woman’s Surfboard” before then. Patent pending. Patent pending. Patent pending.) I’m thinking of chilling on the beach, getting some iced somethingaccinos, walking around, taking some photos with my new sweet camera, reading stuff… that kind of thing.
I also want to get to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to check out the Matisse exhibit. I knew it was there and thought I had missed it (like I did the Picasso exhibit. I’m such an idiot.), but I didn’t! It’ll be there until September 16th so I’ll have some time to check it out! Yeah!
If there’s time, I may also go to the Asian Art Museum to check out their crazy Manga exhibits. We’ll see though.
I’ll go in to work at Hyde for two days next week to set up things for my maternity leave. Then, I have some freelance design projects that I’ll be working on in the meantime. There’s a webdesign project I’ll finish up in a couple of days, then a much bigger one that’s going to require a ton of design work and lots of content re-writing. Hopefully I’ll be able to update my own portfolio after that to reflect my freelance designer status instead of my master’s degree portfolio being posted at my “business” domain. I have started mapping out designs for it so it will better reflect me and what I can do.
So, there you have it. Relaxing but still designing. Things are good!