Sling it! Sling it Good!


Josh and I have been practicing attachment parenting techniques, and have therefore been slinging Caleb a lot. It’s been pretty good so far and we are both enjoying getting to know our son at such close range.
Now, my sling is getting too tight for Caleb and I, so I am in the market for a new one. I wish that this Babywearing book was still published so I could learn cool moves for babywearing… but it’s out of print and now being sold used for way too much money. None of the local libraries have it either. Does anybody have a copy?
I went to the Mountain View, CA, La Leche League meeting last Monday and learned more about different slings and pouches and stuff. The ladies there had different slings they used, and I learned about ones that are adjustable as your baby grows. After much research, I splurged some birthday money to get a Zolowear sling and pouch. They should arrive in about a week and I am pumped! I want to learn how to be awesome and breastfeed discreetly while functioning in public! That will take some serious practice though. Check out some of the Zolowear Videos to see how the slings and pouches work.
Oh, and I thought the La Leche League ladies would be all tough and militant. I went to their meeting just to check it out, and it was actually a room full of reasonable, logical, intelligent women and their babies. We talked about different mothering and breastfeeding issues and I really enjoyed my time with them so I’m going back! Not a group I thought I’d hang out with, but YAY! I found moms who are smart and are devoted to loving their kids! The best part was (finally) being in a room where babies cry and need diaper changes and, well, act like babies, and the women just carry on their conversations and pause to tend to their babies as needed. SO COOL!