Our Last Day in California


Our Last Day in California, originally uploaded by StephLewis.

My mom and Kristin (my sister-in-law) were so gracious to come to California for our last weekend there to help us get our stuff together. They were awesome help and helped us pack up the last of our things and get the house smokin’ clean! If it weren’t for them and the many friends that pitched in, Josh and I would have been doomed. I felt so loved by all the help we received.

On our last day in California, Sunday, February 17th, we left our hotel and went to Starbucks for some coffee while Josh went to exchange our rented SUV for a giant van. Caleb ate some applesauce and pretty much just flirted with us the entire time (those EYES!!!). We ended up running a million odd errands that day, including a random trip to Pier 39 in San Francisco, but made it to the airport (SFO) at about 10:30 p.m. to hop on our plane to Minneapolis. Josh returned the rental van and we stood in line with Caleb, Henson (our dog), and Five (our cat). Then we realized that our flight had been cancelled. Yes, cancelled.

The man behind the desk said, “Well, I could put you all in a hotel, but you have a dog and cat with you. So, I really don’t know what to do.”

NWA stinks stinks stinks. Josh has sworn them off for all time, merge with Delta or otherwise.

We eventually ended up eating at a 24 hour Lori’s Diner in the airport before taking a shuttle down to the San Jose airport. We hung out there before getting on an early morning flight which landed us in the Twin Cities just after noon. I stayed up as late as I could trying to sort through our suitcases and add some sanity to our lives.

That day was crazy. But, we made it here safe and sound. The weather has been cold, but the warmth inside and the incredible views have been far worth it. Caleb is happy and talkative so far and Josh is also doing well. We are all so excited to start this new chapter in our lives. And tomorrow, the house hunting process begins!