Life at the Whiting Resort


Hanging Around the House 39, originally uploaded by StephLewis.

Well, we are officially settled in at the Whiting Resort. Okay, it’s not a resort, but it is the house I was raised in and my parents have been kind enough to let us live with them for a bit. It’s been such a blessing to be able to interact with my parents when they are here. We help each other out with meals and dishes and stuff like that. It’ll be hard to go back to doing it on my own!

When we first got here in mid-February, we started looking for a house right away. Well, we actually ended up buying the first house we looked at! We looked at about 30 more after that one and just kept going back to that first one. So, we close on April 18th and are totally stoked. It’s a walk out rambler just off of the lake in Forest Lake. The lot is 1 acre, so we have a nice little chunk of land that we can play on. It feels very cabinesque. The backyard backs up to a DNR wildlife reserve, so it has that nature feeling. Josh is already considering his first riding lawn mower! We pretty much can’t wait to get settled in and feeling normal again.

Caleb has grown up so much over the past month. I already see him switching slowly into being a toddler because he seems to have things to do every single day. Like, “Don’t cuddle me now mom, I’m trying to get this monkey to pop out of the box again.” Stuff like that. He plays all day long with so much vigor! His favorites include using the walker to run laps around the table and find his mama, jumping like mad in his jumperoo, playing with cars, baths with mom where he “swims” to get his ducky, and floor gymnastics with me. We will be starting mommy-and-me swim classes in a couple of weeks. We also like to go outside and look in the pigeon coop and then feed the horses bread.

Caleb also got his first cold, which I also got. This kept both of us down for a week as it took it’s toll. We are both doing better though and just have runny noses and mild coughs. He is a really happy baby and is always smiling and giggling unless he’s hungry or tired. The last couple of nights he has been such a ham because he won’t stop laughing at everything. This pretty much gets everyone else around him laughing too! I can’t wait for him to be able to talk so he can tell us what is so darn funny!