*Long Sigh*


Day at the Beach 27, originally uploaded by StephLewis.

We finished unpacking last week. Yes. Finished. Even pictures are hung. There is not one box left (except some of Josh’s boxes that are mashed with cords, old software, and Mission Control tapes… but those are his problem and not mine). It feels fantastic to be unpacked and I feel like I can finally stretch my arms and enjoy it a bit.

One joy of being unpacked is that my house is not a deathtrap to babies anymore. This is good, considering that I have a baby. Just in time too. In the last two weeks, Caleb has started cruising quite well. He can open cabinets and drawers (and dump their contents everywhere). He can go up stairs very quickly. He can “walk” by pushing one of those baby-pushy-help-you-walk things. On a good day, I’ve seen him scramble onto the couch (not crawl, scramble, it’s more like a strange baby dance). So, I need a baby-proofed house. And now I have one.

Caleb’s language has also been making great strides, which I am loving. He now consistently uses “Ahh-Duh” (all done) to announce when he is done eating or done taking a bath. Sometimes he will use the sign for “finished” instead. He says “da da” in reference to Josh. He says “Ella” very clearly to Ella, but doesn’t call every dog in the world “Ella” anymore. They are now “Duh” (dog). His favorite word right now is “Aight!” (light), which he says to pretty much anything that has a light coming out of it. He emphasizes the “t” sound so much that it sometimes sounds more like “aight-TA!” I sat him in the hatchback of my car while I took off his swim trunks and he kept banging the light in there going, “Aight! Aight! Aight!” It was pretty funny.

Caleb loves swimming. We go to the beach pretty regularly and he really enjoys the water. We do all of the little things we learned in swim class, and he just squeals. I love the beach because Caleb loves it, and it’s really relaxing for us both.

Oh, and Caleb got his first haircut yesterday. I took him to the hair salon and sat him in my lap and read him stories while the girl tried to cut his hair. His hair basically looks the same, only it’s evened up now. He had some patches of super long hairs here and there, and now it all flows much better. Still looks like a baby though. I got my hair cut into a bob with long layers. We’ll see how long that lasts.

I’m working on redesigning my blog. It is currently a horrid design disaster that is a result of (1) my designing it before I knew anything about good design, and (2) trying to get stuff up so my family could use it without actually paying attention to how it looked, and (3) being so busy that I just didn’t care. Actually, the layout is all done, but I just have to transfer the stuff to Photoshop so my hottie of a developer can make it work for me. I’m also working on getting fighterverse.com up and running and have some cool ideas for it. I have also decided to let go of hydeart.com because I don’t work there anymore. It’s such a pretty site, I hate to see it die.

Well, that’s the quick catch up on what’s going on with Caleb and me. Life is good right now and I’m just enjoying the many sweet moments that have come my way.