What I’ve Been Up To


I made a halloween costume for Caleb. He was a lion. It was a fun costume to make. I made it a little big (with purposeful room to let some parts out) so he could play in it for the next couple of years.
I’ve been designing a quilt square for Abby as well as a ton of Christmas presents. I can’t divulge them all here though because it would give it all away! I’ve also been working on a redesign for this website (the current one is so horrid, but it actually wasn’t so bad when I designed it back in… 2002). I need to upgrade my Movable Type really badly too. I’ve also been doing some contract web work. So, yeah, lots is going on in the design front.
My favorite thing that I’ve made lately is my pumpkin spice bread. That was WAY good. I stuck walnuts in it this time and that just sent it over the top. I also enjoyed making Sour Cream Apple Pie, which was also pretty delicious. Caleb and I usually make cookies or mini muffins once a week, so we’ve been doing that too. I also have been making our bread at home because it’s super good, but mostly because I just enjoy making it!
Church Stuff
Josh and I just finished our membership class and elder meeting to become members at Bethlehem Baptist. I’ve also finished my Nursery training and have been working in the nursery. I’ve also been attending MOMS group and am doing some activity coordinating for them. It is SO GOOD to be connecting with a church body. We miss PBCC so much. But, Bethlehem is proving to be a great place for us too.
Caleb now enjoys kicking and throwing and pushing balls around. He also loves swinging, sliding, crawling through tunnels, driving his car, pushing the dump truck, digging in the sand box, painting, coloring, reading, cooking, singing, dancing… so I pretty much am playing or watching playing most of the day! What a joy he is!