I am an artist & teacher with a ❤ for visual expression, educational methodology, homesteading, & Jesus. My geek-love is The Joshua and we have three peanut-butters: Caleb, Jack, & Louritta.


3. Leftover Landslide


I have officially mastered the art of the leftover landslide, or using leftovers to create a dish whose leftovers are used to make another dish, and so on. I made chicken tacos a few weeks ago and used the leftover chicken & veggies to make a tortilla soup. The tortilla soup has been rigged up Read More

Steph’s Bruschetta


Every now and then I make some darn good food just from being experimental. Some of you may remember my salsa. Well, Steph’s Bruschetta is here! It’s great in the hot weather too since there’s no blaring heat involved! Ingredients: Slice of FRESH bread – my favorites are a Rosemary Sourdough or a Roasted Garlic Read More