2009 Bible Reading Plan


Each year, I try to assess how I am doing with reading the Bible in a consistent way. I have followed several different plans in years past. Some years I have focused more on a form of study instead. Other years I have just thrown up my hands and said, “That’s it! I need to read Psalms!” (Or whatever book it happened to be that day, week, or month).
I decided, however, that I needed a plan this year. Mostly because my brain is just a bit unfocused lately. I was directed toward some studies at Discipleship Journal. Zondervan also has some interesting plans that I’ve done before (sorry, there is a girl version and a boy version and I’m linking to the girl version because I used to work with a girls youth ministry and… yeah.) I’m sure you could find many more plans with a simple search of the interwebs.
This year, however, I am going to read along with my church‘s bible reading plan. It’s called the Discipleship Journal One Year Plan. You basically download the bookmarks and place them in your Bible, then read one section from each bookmark each day. If you don’t like the bookmarks, you can just download the monthly checklists to direct your reading.
I hope I can find some others to connect with who are also reading this plan so there can be some encouragement and discussion and whatnot. Oh, and while I’m at it, I’d like to encourage my readers to find a reading plan and get in the Word!