Some Songs for Matthew 5


I write lame little melodies to help me memorize scripture. I actually tried learning Matthew 5:13-16 without writing a melody and I couldn’t get it down. Then I started singing it and I had it memorized in a few minutes. I have no idea why I work like that, I just do. Someday maybe I’ll put on “The Entire Bible: The Musical.” That’d be interesting. And long. And have lots of genealogies.
Anyway, these are the new songs from the past few weeks’ Fighter Verses. These sound like I am singing in a cave, because that’s where I had to go to record them this time. Also, please note that any sounds or tapping in the background is done by none other than my 2-year-old who clearly has no rhythm. Or emotional control. We’re working on that.
Matthew 5:3-12 (The Beatitudes): Matthew5_3-12.mp3
Matthew 5:13-16: Matthew5_13-16.mp3