Some Stats of Old


I don’t have a cohesive baby book for any of my kids. When they move out they’ll get a huge “pile” of digital files (photos, writing, soundbites, movies, etc.) and a small box with mementos. I’ve just never been into scrapbooking or anything related. So, in that spirit, when I found this piece of paper with Louritta and Jack’s weight and height stats from long ago, I knew I had to record it here or it’d go disintegrating into the abyss.

Jack – Age 3
weight: 31 lbs.
height: 37 1/4″

Louritta – Age 1
weight: 18 lbs.
height: 27 1/2″

Louritta – Age 4 months
4 months
weight: 13 lbs. 7 oz.
length: 24.5
Head Circumference: 16.25″