I am an artist & teacher with a ❤ for visual expression, educational methodology, homesteading, & Jesus. My geek-love is The Joshua and we have three peanut-butters: Caleb, Jack, & Louritta.


Uncanny Resemblance


Love when I get similar pictures to compare. They definitely are different looking boys, but this picture is the most similar of pictures I have of both boys so it’s easiest to compare here. You can tell they’re brothers though! Here’s Caleb at 6 days old (September 11, 2007): Here’s Jack at 8 weeks old Read More

iPhone Recording Device


So, Josh’s new iPhone has this recording device on it that’s pretty good. So, here are some recordings we’ve done with Caleb. Caleb is 21-22 months in all of these. Caleb is playing the piano while I talk to and sing with him. I try to get him to sing too. (actually, this first recording Read More

What Does a Mama Do?


Caleb has loved playing house with his Little People house and car lately. It has a dad, a mom, and a baby. He keeps them very busy. They all use the potty and then take a bath afterwards. The baby goes night-night frequently. And then he loads them all in the car and drives him Read More

Caleb Goes to the Emergency Room


On Monday, Caleb and are were hanging out eating breakfast. He started showing symptoms of a cold on Sunday afternoon, but nothing past your runny nose and being tired. At night he started coughing. And, by our Monday morning breakfast time, he started showing signs of being worse. He started coughing a “barky” cough while Read More

Take That, Ella!


Caleb and Ella, our miniature dachshund, are best buds. They are pretty much always by each other. They play fetch with Ella’s toys, he gives her dog treats, she comes when he calls her (sometimes), they sit by each other and cuddle under a blanket when we’re on the couch together. Sometimes Caleb will even Read More

Caleb is Funny


I love seeing Caleb’s sense of humor develop. Though he’s always loved to laugh, I can see him starting to find humor in more things and he is even trying to make his own jokes. His early humor was physical, he loved being tickled, kicking his legs, swinging around, and anything else that was very Read More

Back to Cloth


Well, today marks our transition from disposable diapers back to cloth. We initially started with a mix of disposable & cloth, but decided to go to all disposable because of the whole move across the country, live with my parents, search for a house, buy a house, move again thing. Now that we’re nice and Read More

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